What Is Salvation? (part 2–man and man)

Wow! I have to start this blog post off with an apology. It seems like it has been forever since I have posted. Between soccer workouts and practice, school, studying for midterms, sports reporting for WAFB, preparing to move, bible studies, church, motivational speaking engagements, community service, and everything else that comes along with busy, everyday life, time has slipped by so quickly! So I am so sorry it’s been over a week…but let’s continue to dig into this awesome lesson. This part coming up is the BEST! J-E-S-U-S is about to light the place up! ūüôā

Alright, so in the last post we talked about the original sin. ¬†The very first sin that the very first man ever committed. Adam. And because of Adam’s sin, sin was born in man. Humans became sinful creatures. ¬†Every person born after that was born into sin and confined to a sinful human nature. ¬†Because of that one man’s sin, the one man was can all be traced back to, we are all impure and unrighteous. ¬†No way around it.

We then went on to talk about the rules God laid out for humans after that. ¬†The Old Testament of the Bible lays out all of these rules. ¬†They are extensive, difficult, and overwhelming. ¬†But God told the people who if they wanted a chance in heaven, they had to abide by these rules. ¬†Long story short, nobody could do it. Every single person failed. ¬†Because, as humans, we are sinful creatures, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to live a perfect life. ¬†We all sin. And back then, they all sinned. ¬†As hard as they tried, they couldn’t follow all of the rules. So God fulfilled a promise that the earliest prophets had expressed in the Old Testament. He blessed us with a Messiah–a Savior. Here comes Jesus…

God recognized that it was impossible for any human being to live by the rules of the Old Testament. ¬†But He loves us, unconditionally. We are His creation. ¬†He grants us free will to choose, but He doesn’t want to see us all damned. He yearns to spend eternity with us. ¬†He yearns for us to come home to Him. ¬†So, He did the most amazing thing ever. ¬†He sent His Son, a human being, to Earth. Jesus Christ. Why? So that we could be shown forgiveness, taught, and saved. So that we could have an outlet to heaven and stand a chance of spending eternity with Him. Stick with me here and open your mind to understand this concept. Romans 5:12-19 explains exactly why a HUMAN BEING had to be born to teach us…

It says, “For just as through the DISOBEDIENCE of one man (Adam) the many were made sinners, so also through the OBEDIENCE of one man (Jesus) the many will be made righteous.”

BOOM! What a simple and awesome explanation. ¬†Do you understand? Adam was a HUMAN BEING that made a conscious choice to sin and to bring sin into the world. ¬†Because of that sin, Adam opened the door to Hell. He put all of us at risk. ¬†BUT, in order to negate Adam’s sin, God sent Jesus Christ, another HUMAN BEING to make a conscious choice to live perfectly and purely. And in doing so, He brought salvation into the world. Jesus opened the door to heaven. He showed us God’s grace. ¬†Since a human brought sin into the world, a human had to bring salvation into the world. ¬†That’s the only way we, as people, could be saved. Sure, God could have made it way easier. ¬†If He wanted, He could have started the world all over. ¬†He could have destroyed sin before it even existed. He could have cut us some slack and let us all into heaven anyways. God can literally do ANYTHING. ¬†But He wanted to grant us freedom. ¬†He wanted to give us the right to choose. ¬†He wanted us to have the option and to be drawn closer to His truth by recognizing both sides of things. ¬†He wanted us to have FAITH. Ah, so awesome.

So we see that Jesus Christ was the only way. Since sin was brought into the world by a man, God’s grace had to be shown to the world by a man. That was the only way we would be able to understand it all, and to be saved. We had to be taught by another human being. Wow. Okay, so what’s the big deal with Jesus? What did this man actually do? How did His actions grant us “salvation?”

(I promise I will post again ASAP!…This is the best part, so check back in soon!)