“Meaux Vs.”


“Meaux Vs.” Mo Claiborne
Watch my competition against LSU’s star Defensive Back, Mo Claiborne! Who do YOU think won?!



“Meaux Vs.” Brad Wing
Check out my kicking competition against everyone’s favorite Aussie, LSU Football punter, Brad Wing!



“Meaux Vs.” LSU Baseball
The LSU baseball team didn’t stand a chance against me! How many movie references can you pick out?!



“Meaux Vs.” Tyrann Mathieu
Watch as I take on LSU Football cornerback, Tyrann Mathieu, in two athletic contests, and one funny tie-breaker! Who do you think won?



“Meaux Vs.” Zach Mettenberger
Watch as I take on LSU Football quarterback (and fellow Georgia native), Zach Mettenberger, in a “punt, pass, kick” competition!



“Meaux Vs.” Mike the Tiger
Watch as I challenge Mike the Tiger to a series of friendly competitions!



“Meaux Vs.” Russell Shepard
Watch as I take on LSU Football wide receiver, Russell Shepard, in a penalty kick shootout!




2 thoughts on ““Meaux Vs.”

  1. Thank you for being an inspiration and joy to watch! I heard your story this morning on The Joy FM Atlanta and now on the internet. It’s awesome that God is so real in your life. We still serve the same living God that led Moses and his people out of Egypt. You and Moses have something in common. You both received a sign from God when you called upon Him! Moses had a snake and a leprous hand…. you had a wreck. I’m thankful you have made a GREAT recovery and you are allowing God to use you.

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