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  1. just wanna say thank you! reading your twitter page and your blog just made me realize we all have a purpose…and whatever that maybe …..its for God’s glory…….thank you anyway…good luck on the whole cundiff thing..

  2. mo, i worked with your father for many years. it saddens my heart that he is not here to see how even more wonderful you have become. he had such faith in you all. you were the center of his life. you have such a bright future….and you have earned it.

  3. Mo Hope This Helps You stay Focus I just saw Your CBS Interview and sorry to hear about Your Father John Isom. I hope He is looking down and See How God works by connecting/sending another John Isom to believe in You. The Creed below is what me and my Family live by. Enjoy and As always Go! Mo!

    the U-Can! Man- WAY
    Winning Attitude for You
    You + Can = U-Can!
    You – Can = U-Can’t!
    Believe that You Can, and U-Can!
    Your ability to succeed depends upon your attitude, and thinking that
    you can do something is the first step toward getting it done. You may
    not know how rough the railway is going to be, but you still need to
    get the “I Think I Can” train headed out of the station before you can
    go anywhere. Back in kindergarten, you were probably introduced to
    a little train that said, “I think I can, I think I can!” Now that you’ve
    traveled further down the track of life, maybe it’s time to switch to a
    different train. It’s time to go from “I think I can” to “I KNOW I can!”
    No matter what, U-Can! No matter who, U-Can! No matter where, UCan!
    No matter when, U-Can! No matter how, U-Can! And no matter
    how much, U-Can! What you envision for yourself in your heart and
    mind (HAM) is more important than anything else, so your
    imagination should know no limitation! If you become your own
    partner and adopt a U-Can! attitude, the sun and moon can be yours.
    But even if you fall short of the sun and moon, you’re sure to still be
    among the stars if you believe that U-Can! Now get out there and, as
    the U-Can! Man’s son Joshua says, “Go for what you want, don’t
    wait.” Remember to keep a powerful three-letter word in your tool box
    always. That word is TRY, which stands for
    T- Totally
    R- Realizing
    Y- You-Can!
    Whether you succeed or fail depends on whether or not you TRY!
    The U-Can! Man
    Brother John Wallace Isom Jr.

  4. I just read your story, and it was inspiring, amazing, and just plain encouraging! My kids turned me onto you about 2 weeks ago, and you are coming to our church in April (first baptist, west monroe); We are pretty excited about that! As a mom of 2 teenagers and a 21-year old, just want to say “thank you” for living out your faith so boldly; truly a great role model for our kids.

  5. Mo, I have never met someone as inspirational as you. You probably are not going to read this because you have so many fans , but hopefully you do! I share one thing in common with you; I was the first and only girl on my high school football team freshman and sophomore year. I actually played a tackling position as a cornerback. I faced discrimination from some of my teammates and even one of my sophomore coaches, but I didn’t let that stop me. However, this year, junior year, I did not get a chance to play football, not because I wanted to stop, but because the varsity coach did not let me tryout. Immediately after my sophomore school year I contacted the varsity head coach and asked him if I could tryout for kicker because there was an opening since the previous kicker went to college. I also wanted to switch positions from corner to kicker because the guys were getting too big for me. He emailed me back saying that they already had people in mind and that doing a camp or anything would not help. I pleaded and told him I would train as hard as I could , but obviously he said they already had someone. So, I accepted defeat seeing that no one would help me ( my parents were never supporting of me playing football) and did not know who to talk to, so I did cross country. Middle of the cross country season a former football teammate told me that this year the team did not have a kicker and moved up a younger kick, the sophomore kicker. I was DEVASTATED to hear that I could have played and I faced discrimination. This sophomore now has one year experience as a varsity kicker, while I have none. This does not give me the opportunity to play my senior year. I never got to see those friday night lights as a varsity player and everyday I think about this……. I just wanted to play. This world needs people like YOU to show that what happened to me never happens to any girl in the future. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You accomplished what i hoped to accomplish but failed as a female on the football team. THANK YOU.

  6. Wow. Very cool story here Mo. Keep pressing on and working hard. Keep following God and he will give you the desires of your heart. Give him your dreams and goals, and PURSUE them for his glory. You’ve got time, work for it.

  7. Hi, my mom and I were watching Ellen today and saw you on there and I wanted to tell you that you inspired me. I am a big UT fan and have always wantedl to play football there. I never thought that I could do it until I saw you on the tv and after that I knew I could. You inspired me to go after what I really want in life. What you said really hit home with me “the only thing more dangerous than letting others put limitations on what you can achive is believing them.” I just wanted to find you to say thank you so much for inspiring me.

  8. Mary you are such an inspiration to women everywhere when I look at your story it is like looking in the mirror I also had an accident that was a turning point put my volleyball career on hold. But the worst part of everything wasnt the therapy and the pain it was the technology. I thought I had all I could shoulder until while I was in the physio one of the therapists informed me I had naked pictures on the Internet.I was struck I never never did anything like that but what I found out was there is a app for phones and computers that strips off the cloths of any image or video that is in digital. I felt so ….awful …..sick… I couldn’t even look at my therapyst so I didn’t go. I didn’t even leave my room but somewhere I had a a voice that got louder and louder with the word guru so finale I went online and looked it up and the site had a link to an email so I thought it was anonomys and started out with some little questions then the big ones and it was amazing the next day I went back to physio and started training again on alternate days.

  9. Mo
    I happened to see you on Ellen and I was so moved by your positive attitude and your great outlook on life. I had my doughter watch because you were such an inspiration to me in the 2 minutes that I heard your story. I told my wife that I am a fan and that I would be pulling for you to make the team and anything that you endeavor to do for that matter.
    God Bless
    Ft Myers, Florida

  10. Mo: I was given your web information by a student at Parkview Baptist School here in Baton Rouge, LA, (Brad Wing’s alma mater :-)). First, let me say how awesome it is that you are so vocal about your faith and willing to use your God-given talents and testimony as a platform to share the power of God and the Holy Spirit in your life. I am a teacher at Parkview and also in charge of planning our weekly chapel services for our middle school students. We would love for you to share your testimony and spirit of encouragement with our students. Our services occur on Thursdays weekly, and are approximately 45 minutes and include a time of worship. If you are interested and available, I would love to discuss details with your further. We may even try to arrange a larger service to include more of our student body. I believe your message is powerful and deserves to be heard by all of our students.

    On a side note, I am also a graduate of LSU. Definitely bleed purple and gold! 🙂 A dream of mine came true during my time at LSU as well. I had the distinct honor and privilege of leading the Golden Band from Tigerland as their Drum Major in the fall of 1999. (If you’re unfamiliar with the title, that’s the person in white with the baton who leads the band onto the field for pregame and conducts the half-time show.) This was quite a fun time for me as well since Tiger Band had never had a female in this particular leadership role.

    At any rate, I hope you will consider speaking to our students, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks for your time!

  11. Hi Mo,
    Saw your interview on Ellen and wanted to know more about your story…so I came to read it here!!
    I am the same age as you, and I’m really strengthened by how you have seen God’s grace and His faithfulness through thick and thin. I have times when I feel utterly hopeless, but I realize that the path to growing in a hope for God is persevering…knowing that through Christ He has given us the power to endure suffering. As I continue to look to Christ, I will thank Him for what He’s done in your life, because your writing has given me a lot of encouragement today =D

    Keep it real sister. God take care of you!!

  12. I noticed the scripture you chose for your bio on Twitter, we used it as the foundation for our High School Christian drama group, about ten years ago. We also displayed the scripture on the back of our t-shirts and hoodies. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me and I can send pictures of an extra toboggan and shirt I still have. You like, they’re yours. Have a great evening and continue to inspire.

  13. Mo!!! Stumbled across your site after googling your name after reading an article about your road to making the LSU football team! Very inspirational stuff. Extremely appreciative of your willingness to discuss your life trials and your walk with God. Not that you need to hear this to know it, but I feel obligated to at least say it… What you’re doing is great and how you’re setting the example for so many others is awesome! I’ll be rooting for you come fall… and this is coming from an Auburn Tiger!!! (War Eagle… but Geaux Meaux!!!)

  14. Mo, you inspire me with your life story. We share a sad day in common – both of our fathers passed away on Jan. 3rd. My father died after struggling over three months with complications after heart surgery. He was such a strong man as his children were growing up. God bless you as you share your faith with others, strengthen you as you work out for your August tryout. May you be an encourager to everyone you meet. You are a blessing to so many.

  15. Mo,
    I would love if you would write a daily devotional for athletes. Your thoughts, verses and perspective are so wonderful, especially to competitive people. I know you are busy but it would be an inspiration, Happy Easter!

  16. Mo, I learned about you and your mission through the Meaux vs. series. Ever since the night I stumbled upon you and what you have done, I have followed you by checking the blog and twitter every day. I am so glad I could see what you are doing because just in the short time I have been following you, I have learned so much and have changed my outlook on a lot of things. While most of my close friends know about yourself, I would love to have the opportunity to get other people to learn about you as well. To do this, I was wondering if there is a place I can go to get one of your jerseys or even a LSU soccer jersey in general. I would really love the opportunity to wear your name proudly and to tell people exactly who you are and what you mean to me. I just want to say thank you for all you do to make this world a better place and changing the lives of some many.

  17. Mo, I first would like to say that you are my idol. I have watched a lot of your soccer games after I saw something about your 90 yeard goal. I am so happy you tried out to kick for LSU, too. I totally respect you and everything you do and believe in. I am a senior this year in high school and it would mean so much to me to kick next year at my college. I have played soccer all my life, but my college I’m going to doesn’t have a soccer team. I need some advice and I don’t know if you even read these but I could really use some help and I would love it if you emailed me or something because you are my role model! Anyway, I’d love to hear back from you, good luck in August, I love you Mo Isom!!

    • Miss Isom, I follow you on Twitter and your website is very inspirational. I have asked a question on Twitter when you posted a question/answer time. My question was if there was a way I could get an autographed photo of you with some encouraging words for my 15 year old son. You replied that you would be happy to and I should contact the LSU Sports Department. However, their website seems so confusing and the only mention to get an autograph is to attend an autograph session during pre-season. I did see a whole list of phone numbers to various sports divisions but not sure who to call. My son is at the age where he is pulled between his friends and church. He is a follower and does what his friends want him to do which leads him to trouble. An autograph with some encouraging words to stay on the right path with God would be wonderful. At his age, this comming from a Christian sports star rather than his parents would be a big thing for him since in his mind parents don’t know anything. Thank you for your time and please keep up the fantastic work on your website. You are an inspiration to so many people. Young and old.

  18. Mo,
    I saw the small blurb about your appearance on Ellen in the Stockton’s Mill April newsletter so I googled the clip and watched. To say that I was impressed by you, is an understatement. I write for a website called The and thought that I should write about this amazing local girl who appeared on the Ellen show. I googled your name to get more information for the article….., I have now been on your blog for the last 3 hours! You are an amazing gift, an inspiration, and a blessing. Thank you for all that you are doing and keep up the good work!! I am so thrilled that my little girl, who is growing up 4 doors up from your childhood home, will have you as a role model. It takes my breath away to consider what your gift of your presence and story will mean in directing the lives of youth today. They (and us “grown-ups” 😉 so desperately need the guidance and inspiration that blessings like you can present to them. You are a gift! and I am a forever fan!!! I will send you a link to the article once I can wrap my head around everything and put it together!

  19. Mo,
    Your story is gorgeous – just gorgeous.
    I have a book coming out next March with Navpress called “Celibate Sex: Musings on Being Loved, Single, Twisted, and Holy.” I’m curious if you’d be open to an endorsement? If so, please email me at with your best phone/email/address to pass along to the publishers.

  20. Hey Mo. I highly doubt you remember me, but I played on the ODP in Louisiana with you way far back . . . my how times fly! I am glad to see that you are doing well and you have inspired me to share my story as well as begin to re-develop my relationship with Christ. I applaud you for speaking out and standing firm in all that you do. You are an amazing young woman and I look forward to following your blogs.

  21. I finally got to read your story and I find it fascinating that a wonderful (and might I add beautiful) person as yourself overcome so much adversity and still be faithful and well grounded. That is a rare characteristic these days. Most people could not overcome those life struggles and that most likely includes myself. Everytime I need help I always read the 23rd Psalm. I hope that God directs me in the right path because we all struggle at some point. You are an inspiration to those around you and those youll never meet. And to lighten up my comment, your a beautful person inside and out.

  22. Thank you for being such an inspiration to just about everyone that knows about you or reads your posts. The way you declare your love for Christ is extremely encouraging and contagious. God has truly blessed me through your writings. I was wondering if you could write a post about prayer. As a follower of Christ, prayer is extremely important. Many people struggle with this area, including myself as well.

  23. Wow…what an inspiration….I have seen people who had a turning point in life but were reluctant to share how God turned their life…but wherever I go through in your blog…I can see great scriptures…you are such an inspiration to me…I pray that God will continue to use you ‘sister’ in a much greater way all the days of your life…God bless -Rosh from NZ

  24. Mo… You are amazing. You insights and wisdom clearly come straight from above,

    Your Courage is inspiring… to allow God to work through you and in you, even with so much pain and suffering.

    Never stop being exactly who He created you to be.

    I love all your blogs, especially the Godly Men posts; I couldn’t agree more with your views on the subject.

    If you get the chance, check out my blog as I battle cancer and living a righteous life myself.

    Take care and God Bless!!!

    -Matthew =)

  25. Keep the faith, sister! Your strength in the face of opposition is an encouragement to all of us all over the world (shout out from the medical field in Iowa :-D). Your focus on God through the good times and bad reminds me of 2 Thessalonians 1:4-5 and 11-12. Keep pounding away 😀


  26. Mo,

    Just read your feature on and was amazed by what you’ve experienced. While I might not be pulling for your LSU Tigers (sorry, but I’m an OU Sooners fan), I will be pulling for you and your endeavors to split the uprights this season. Be strong and, as Paul said, keep fighting the good fight!

    Very best,

    Zach Jacobs

  27. I just wanted to tell you I just read the article on grantland about you. I keep a folder of things that I want my children to read as they get older. Things that they should strive for or values that they should hold or just strength and people it is ok to look up to. I wanted you to know, for what it’s worth, your story is in that folder. Good luck and prayers during tryouts…and life…

    Good Luck and God Bless,
    Curt Hunter

  28. Hi Mo. I am so sorry that your second tryout for the LSU kicker slot did not work out. I know you tried hard.

    My son Aaron (age 11) and I were just talking, and we decided that you should instead try out for a kicking position on the Tennessee football team. We live in Tennessee, and to be quite honest about it, we believe that Tennessee has the worst placekicker that ever set foot on a college football field—and he is our No. 1 kicker. We truly do believe that you have to be many times better than our own Michael Palardy and that you would actually be able to kick fieldgoals—something our kicker seems to be able to do only in practice.

    Well. We were just wondering if you could transfer up here to Knoxville and save us. This is not a sarcastic or comical message. We are serious. We really do believe in you, and we really do think you could save us from football mayhem in the kicking game this fall. If you don’t believ what I have just said, go out to a bar next Friday night and watch us play NC State on the cable feed. Look for Palardy and KNOW that you could have made first string kicker on at least one famous SEC team.

    Good luck in all that you try to do in life—and we still believe in you.

    Dad and Aaron

  29. I work at Fellowship Church and I didn’t get to meet you personally but your story really changed my daughter Tabytha’s heart. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to come speak to our church and our young people, you are amazing! May God take you places you Never dreamed of! God Bless you Mo! give you double for your trouble!!! Love , Amanda

  30. Hey mo, just want to encourage you. Your life and testimony is inspiring! Keep doing the good that you are doing, keep shining that light!
    I also just wanted to ask for any advice or information you could give. You see me and my fiancée have a hearts cry to end modern day slavery! It breaks my heart what is happening in the world today the statistics show that there are 27million slaves in the world today forced against there will to work also even more heart breaking are trafficked. We want to dedicate our lives to stopping this and helping victims recover. That is our heart on brief.
    We are planning to set up a team to actually hike mt. Kilimanjaro I know you and a team just did that so any advice, contacts etc would be more than awesome. I know you are probably really busy and get numourous emails so we would really appreciate your time. We just want to make a difference. Thank you so much.
    Scott and Ashley

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