About the Author

Mo Isom

age: 23

hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

profession: professional speaker, television personality, business owner *BOLDLIFE,llc*

college: Louisiana State University (BA in Mass Communication)

sports: soccer, football

major/minor: broadcast journalism/ communication studies

personal accolades:

  • 2012 “225 Magazine” People To Watch
  • 2011 LSU Homecoming Queen
  • LOWES Senior CLASS Award Finalist, 2011
  • GlamourMagazine Top10 College Women Nominee, 2011
  • LSU Living Female Athlete of the Year, 2011 & 2012
  • Wilma Rudolph Student Athlete Achievement Award Winner, 2010
  • Eye of the Tiger Award Winner, 2009
  • 3-time SEC Academic Honor Roll, 2008, 2010, 2011
  • Top 15 Miss Georgia Teen USA, 2007
  • Miss Odyssey, 2007

athletic accolades:

  • #3 play on SportsCenter Top-10 Plays
  • Sports Illustrated “Faces In the Crowd”
  • U-23 U.S. National Team Pool
  • NSCAA All-American
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution Player of the Year
  • LSWA Louisiana Freshman of the Year
  • 2-time First Team All-Louisiana goalkeeper
  • SEC All-Time Shutout Record Holder (#3 overall with 30 career shutouts)
  • LSU All-Time Goalkeeper Record Holder (43 wins, 30 shutouts, 0.86 goals against average)
  • 3-time SEC West Champion
  • 3-time SEC Defensive Player of the Week
  • 2-time SEC Freshman of the Week
  • CollegeSoccer360.com Primetime Performer (Nov. 10)
  • LSWA Honorable Mention All-Louisiana
  • Soccer Buzz Third-Team Freshman All-American
  • Soccer Buzz Central Region All-Freshman Team
  • SEC All-Freshman Team
  • Soccer America Women’s National Player of the Week (Sept. 2)
  • Soccer America Women’s National Team of the Week (Sept. 2)
  • Soccer Buzz Women’s Elite Team of the Week (Sept. 2)
  • LSWA First-Team All-Louisiana
  • Lakeside Invitational MVP

20 thoughts on “About the Author

    • HEIDI!!! I cannot even imagine how proud you must be:)
      Kudos to you, you have done a great job….what’s your secret? Don’t move away, I need you to help me raise mine in the same way!!!!

  1. Mo, your story is amazing! I know God is smiling down on you because of your transparancy and witness for Him. I know your blog is touching so many lives and it’s my prayer they are all drawn closer to Him. I am so drawn to His love and peace through you my sweet friend. God Bless you and keep that strength and witness going! 🙂

  2. Mo, I am LOVING this. So beautifully written, so moving, so inspiring. Do you have a book contract yet??? There’s no telling where God will take you and your work for Him. Keep it up!

  3. Mo; I just read your testimony in “Faith in the Game”. I’m very impressed with your strength of character and especially your return to Christ after something no none should have to deal with.

    You’re about the same age as my own girls (Kelli graduated from LSU in May and Molly starts in January) and we lived in Dallas, GA for 18 years. Many similarities.

    I just wanted to say God bless you for continuing to show His love through your own life..

  4. Dear Mo,
    I was fortunate enough to stumble enough across a link to your faith in the game article.
    What a beautiful, well written, and couragious story! You are AWESOME!

    As the father of a 6 year old adopted daughter and aspiring soccer player, I was engrossed as I read your story. I so vividly feltl my love and hopes for my daughter as you explained you and your dad’s special relationship. It was so real and heart felt, that it touched me deeply.
    As I continued to read the rest of the article, I found myself reading and undestanding from a different perspective. I began to feel the pride of a father, husband, and sinner. I could feel your father’s pride and love for you coming to me through your words. There is no doubt he was a great man because he imparted so much love and wisdom into his special girl!

    He loves you deeply and is helping you and guiding you every day of your life. He is at peace not only with the mistakes in his life but the ones you so openly and bravely admit to. No one is perfect and we all struggle with life and it’s uncertainties. Many times it is the hardest and lowest times of our lives that prove to be the turning points and inspirations to move forward. The greatest lesson, although the most painful lesson, that your dad taught you is to accept your weaknesses and failures and seek help. Although you are like him in so many ways, you have learned from his mistakes in this area. I truly believe that for you to be able to speak about this time in you life is a gift from him and God.

    His mission is completed. Every father would be proud to have a daughter like you. You deserve to be happy and fullfilled in every aspect of your life. Continue to remember the good times and the love you shared. Thank God for every day that you shared with him and pray for those that don’t have such a great father in their lives. With every accomplishment in your life share if happily with your father just like your goal. He is still still watching and enjoying you more then we can understand.

    You have accomplished much in your short life, but I think the future is even brighter.
    Continue to feel the love and presence of your father and God in your life.
    Move forward with a confidence that you are special and loved.

    Joe Perry, humble and very greatful father of Claire Frances.

  5. Mo you are a beautiful, amazing young woman! I wish you the best in your career!


    P.S. I voted for you for the Senior Class Award

  6. YOU INSPIRE ME:) I think you have come sooo far from what has happened in your life in my youth group our whole lesson one night was about YOU and how far you have come one of my youth pasters Mr. Bart has started reading your blog every night we said that you are one of GODS gifts to the world and to see how far you have come and to see what you have done with the platform you have been given and to see how you have speard GODS words, love, and grace is INSPIRING, and AMAZING I will pray for you (even though you may not need it ) I think you are a WONDERFUL PERSON and you are turly a huge gift and blessing from GOD!:)))

  7. You are one of the best soccer players, christians, and rolemodels I have ever seen. You are also super funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mo I just wanted to say I love reading your blog and tweets. I just lost my dad somewhat unexpectedly a few wks ago and its inspiring to see how well your doing handling the same kind of hardships. I find you very inspiring. Im trying to get close to God again and was hoping you had some advice or Mo tivation (:-)) to push me in that direction…thanks so much

  9. Good morning! Just ran across the ‘Winning Edge’ show and the profile on you was so inspirational that I had to get on the net to find out more and to let you know that your . . . attitude at facing the adversity in your life is . . . inspirational. Hope that make sense? Thanks you for being such a positive role model for those that hear your story.

  10. I watched you on Ellen today and thought of my young 16 year old daughter, who has overcome personal pain and tradgedy. She is also a Keeper, and very strong. I had her watch you today for more inspiration. The High school Rugby season has begun, where she plays flyhalf, as well as premier soccer and has been asked to be the goalie on the senior field hockey team. Hard work has really paid off for her, and I wanted her to see a strong athlete, not just a women succeed, she also has plans to tryout to be the kicker of the boys football team..keep up the good work!

  11. First & Formost I would like to take this time to Thank our Father above for all his glorious blessings that he has bestoyed upon us.

    You’re story touched my heart & soul that I found my self having a conversation with Lord & asking for forgiveness and to take me & use me to whatever way he wanted me to be. I woke up this morning with so much anger & confusion in my heart with all my troubles that I kept inside of me not knowing I was going to read you’re story. I watched you on the ellen show & giving the information about you’re story on ellen was short, a voice in my head told me to browse you’re story through the internet and came onto you’re article. I don’t know how I even got to you’re article but when I did I glanced at it at first, then glanced at again & my eyes just glued to you’re every words, I don’t think I blinked. I came across to you’re testimony & thought WOW here is someone that I can relate to. I to was very close to my Father he was my bestfriend my everything & he had the same values, morals, a family orianted man & at times stubborn. Sadly I lost my Father with cancer at the age of 9 and half, I really didn’t go through the griving process of my Fathers passing, I needed to be strong for my Mom, my older brothers & sisters and thought I shouldn’t be crying it be worst on everyone if I did. As I grew older I notice that I became anger with my Father, I didn’t know why he just left me & didn’t know why he didn’t just tell me how sick he was getting. I just became confused than ever that’s when at the age of 13 I became angry that I started slacking in school didn’t care if I went to school started be very selfish and wanted to hang around with the wrong crowd. I just became a volcano ready to erupt on any given time . My mother took over my Dad’s position as a pastor so she wasn’t really around she traveled around talking about God’s work, back then I was angry that she left me without a Mother, knowing I had no Father around. As the youngest of 8 kids I had to teach myself everything at the time i realized I lost my parents and everything with it. I now know & understand why my mom did what she did to continue my Dad goal & that was to keep going with God’s plan in his own way, if I knew then what I know now maybe I wouldn’t of been harsh on my Mother. When she did come back home. I wasn’t home, I was running away from my love ones & since I thought it was so easy for them to leave me then I should just leave them as well. If I could I would turn back time to fix my ways, but I am the person I am today because of my past & I am better & more understanding about life then I was back then. Eventhough I turned my back on God so many times he was always there for me even if i disappointed him he was always there with a lending hand waiting for me & all the times that I doubted him he waited patiently. How great is our God.? Before i start writing awhole chapter book, I just want to share just a piece of my life to you and to thank you for sharing you’re testimony with the world and giving me the courage to pursue God and letting me witness his wonder miracles into our lives. You inspire me to continue my relationship with God again & to put in all my trust to him, that in his name all my hopes & dreams can become possible in his name. Amen.

  12. Dear Ms. Isom, Not sure why, But I got three emails today referring me to your site. Three different people suggesting that you resemble – even in your love of sports – someone very important to my life story, when we met way back at your age – now being made into a book and movie… And I have to admit, the resemblance is AMAZING!!! I feel odd making this contact – your not knowing me from Adam, but maybe my Linkedin Profile here – http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=62603598&trk=tab_pro – will add some support to what I just said… These three people all said, “I wonder if she might be interested in playing the part of Melissa?” IF you might be interested in hearing more – about the film or my life story, drop me a note, ask me anything, I’ll be happy to answer… Thank for reminding me of one of the most amazing women I have ever known… Really miss her, But from my own experience in 2008 – part of the reason that this is all being made into a book and movie now, I know that she is in a better place…

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