The Ellen Show


12 thoughts on “The Ellen Show

  1. Your story is amazing! I look up to you as I passionately pursue Christ and live by “God’s Odds” rather than my own. It’s so inspiring to see other student-athletes using their platform to share about our God. Keep doing your thing, you are making a difference!

    God Bless,
    Meredith Bard

    Colossians 1:9-14

  2. So proud of you, Mo. Very cool that you were on Ellen AND that you hit both field goals under tremendous pressure. You are a great ambassador for LSU AND for the Lord!

  3. As I’ve said many times before, normally I am very “pleased” with the way you allow God to use you. However, there are some times when this mom has to say, “Baby, I’m just plain proud!” Kudos to the whole cast and crew of The Ellen Show for sharing your story so beautifully.

  4. Awesome! I love Ellen. So glad she encourage you to do the show. I have read your story and shared it with many friends. You inspire me, So keep on doing your thing! Your an amazing person in Christ! God bless you 🙂

  5. Found your blog after I saw your clip on Ellen’s website. What a great inspiration you are to Christians everywhere! Keep it up! Praying for you on this incredible journey of yours!

  6. I saw your story on ESPN in an interview with Dan Lebatard. I was blown away by your testimony of all that you’ve been through and how you’ve overcome, but even more so how you proclaimed Jesus and brought glory to him. I felt an impression by God to leave a comment, and I’m not sure even why, but I’m so thankful for your faithfulness and your perseverance. I pray that God brings you amazing blessings along the rest of your walk along with more incredible opportunities to glorify him.

    – Christian

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