“My King is the King of your king”


“My King is the King of your king”

By: Mo Isom, 2011


My King is the King of your king,

my King gave your king life.

My hope hopes that your hope will learn to hope,

in all that is True and Right.


My faith has faith that you’ll find faith,

when faith seems all but lost.

My heart has a heart for your heart and knows

your heart was bought at a cost.


My trust trusts that you’ll learn to trust

in a Trust that you cannot see.

My mind keeps in mind that all that’s Divine

minds only that your mind believes.


My dream is a dream that you’ll one day dream

of an answer to dreams in your mind.

My conviction’s convicted that you’ll be convicted

that the Answer is not hard to find.


My life has lived life in this lifeless world,

and lived empty, lifeless and cold.

But I feel that you feel what I felt and now feel

and you yearn for a life that is whole.


My purpose finds purpose in showing you Purpose

of a life lived in Purpose and Grace.

My soul’s sole intention is solely to mention

The Savior whose soul Saved your place.


Why do I know the things I know,

and what makes me so sure?

Because I know a man who lived in this world,

and lived nothing less than pure.


I know a man who gave His life

so that you could be set free.

And though you owe Him nothing for it,

you owe Him everything.


Check the history books, check the facts and figures,

He was real, He lived and He died.

Then He rose from the dead to prove He was King

and to give you eternal life.


You’re now left at a crossroad with two paths to choose,

the choice here is black and white.

Pray the King of all Kings may enter your heart,

or keep living a life void of Light.


If you chose the first option your life’s bound to change,

you’ll come to know faith, hope and peace.

But if you choose to ignore, if you close off the door,

you’ll keep living a life incomplete.


When it comes the day that your days draw close,

I hope you know where your spirit will land.

But if you’re unsure, and your hearts’ still impure

take this moment to hold His scarred hand.


My King is the King of your king,

my King gave your king life.

My hope hopes that your hope will learn to hope,

in all that is True and Right.



8 thoughts on ““My King is the King of your king”

  1. Wow, each verse gives one much pause. Really nice concept, great use of hard-working words, and lots of layers for believers and unbelievers to peel away individually.

  2. Hey Mo,
    Just stumbled across your page through twitter. You pledge to give 1000$ to the Tebow Foundation if you reached 1000 followers. Congrats, you did it. I thought it was interesting, based solely on the fact that you and i share a birthday. October 25, 1898. Happy 22nd…. after poking around to distract me from my studies i found myself two hours later finishing up your story. Just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are. It’s so encouraging to read about what God has done/is doing in your life. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Just reread this poem and it is really a nice way to show the opposites that exist in this world to allow people to “choose” truth on so many levels.

  4. Even though you will never know who I am I wanted to let you know how great a Christian witness you are. God uses Christian athletes like you and Tim tebow to reach to an area of people where there is very little Christian influence. Being famous, as you both are, people especially hold your lives under a microscope. God takes care of His children as He promises though. I play baseball and God has blessed me so far with the opportunity to play ball in college so you are a very big Christian influence on me. God bless you and thanx for bein humble.

  5. Hi Mo! I’m a fellow Tiger and I’ve just now really begun to dig in and follow your story because of all the press surrounding you trying out for the football team. I found your blog tonight and have been reading and am so inspired by what you do. I’m a sister in Christ and reading this poem just made my heart soar and tears come to my eyes because it’s SO amazing! Best wishes for success in this latest season of your life. Way to go girl!!!
    ~ Pam Mitcham

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